Philips VN 3100-25

Model:Philips VN3100-25 (with PMS-5000)
Manufacturer:Stage Accompany
Quantity manufactured:2
MF/HF driver used: SA8525
LF driver used: SA1503
Software versions: 4.7

Original Priced at: Unkown

In the year 1988 Stage Accompany produced for Philips a OEM version of the Blue Box.
Philips sold the Blue Box under the Philips part number VN3100-25 (VN3100|25).
The VN3100-25 was equiped with a SA1503 woofer and a SA8525 Ribbon Compact Driver.
The enclosure, LED-panel (with Philips logo and part number), woofer and horn were all painted black.

PMS 5000 Amp