Stage Accompany Prince

SA heeft ooit 6 Performer 2/26 sets (zwarte kasten met goudkleurige grilles) geleverd aan Prince voor zijn oefenruimte (als PA) in Paisley Park.
De 6 sets werden ook gebruikt als monitor set op het podium tijdens het touren.

After a period of 15 years Prince is still using his Stage Accompany P2-26 Performer sets.

He bought these Performer sets black laminated with gold color grills for his Gold tour in the year 1996.
Currently he is using them in his Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis and for parties, small shows and trainings.
Paisley Park Studios is a $10 million dollar complex for recording, rehearsal, video and film productions.
The studio - designed and owned by Prince/The Artist - was officially opened on September 11, 1987.